Comrade KIM Yong Mi 김 영 미


Comrade KIM Yong Mi is a 28-year-old coal miner who lives with her father and grandmother in a small village in the North Korea countryside. Yong Mi loves acrobatics but her father wants her to concentrate on her work in the coal mine. When she visits the Pyongyang Circus she is given an opportunity that could change her life.

Played by HAN Jong Sim 한 정 심
Age: 30 years old
1992 to March 2001: Pupil at Pyongyang Circus School
April 2001 to present: Performer at Pyongyang Circus with 1 Chinese and 6 European tours.
As well as her act high in the air at the circus she performed in the Mass Games as a flying Kumgangsan Fairy - she was propelled from one side of the stadium to the other on an elastic bungee. Before the making of Comrade Kim Goes Flying she was given intensive acting lessons and during the shoot was coached by the professional actors in the cast.

Comrade PAK Jang Phil 박 장 필


Comrade PAK Jang Phil is the strong man of the Pyongyang Circus trapeze troupe. He lives with his domineering mother who keeps him focused on the trapeze and not other distractions such as beer and women. When Comrade Kim Yong Mi tries for an audition at the Circus he laughs at the idea of a coal miner trying to fly in the air. However, in time he realises his mistake, and he attempts to get Comrade Kim Yong Mi into the circus and into his heart.

Played by PAK Chung Guk 박 충 국
Age: 24 years old
June 2005 to 2007: Pupil at Pyongyang Circus School
April 2007 to present: Performer at Pyongyang Circus with 4 European tours
PAK Chung Guk was nervous about his role, but after intensive acting lessons before the shoot and coaching from the experienced actors during the shoot he soon became confident and loved the break from acrobatics.

Commander Sok Gun 석 근 중대장


Commander Sok Gun is the manager of the construction site. Comrade Kim Yong Mi is his new recruit and he recognises her determination to conquer her fear of heights. He will do anything he can to help fulfill her dream.

Played by RI Yong Ho 리 영 호
Age: 49 years old
At the age of 22 he played the hero of the hit action North Korean film Hong Kil Dong, a historical action drama. After that he acted as the hero and the main actor for 30 films.
He is one of North Korea’s most popular film stars and middle-aged women blush when they talk about him. He has been named ’People’s Artist’, North Korea’s highest cultural accolade.

Yong Mi’s father 영 미 아버지


Yong Mi’s father does not support her acrobatics and dream to fly. Concerned of losing someone he loves so much he tries to persuade her to fulfil her duty to the coal mine and stay at home.

Played by KIM Son Nam 김 선 남
Age: 64 years old
Kim Son Nam acted as hero and main actor for 50 films including Green Pine Tree and Korean Star. He has been named ‘Merited Artist’ in recognition of his contributions to North Korean cinema.

Yong Mi’s grandmother 영 미 할머니


After the death of Yong Mi’s mother, she helps her son in raising his daughter. She supports Yong Mi her dream of flying.

Played by HAN Kil Myong 한 길 명
Age: 71 years old
HAN Kim Myong acted in North Korea’s first circus film Jolly Stage as a young girl. After that she acted as the main actress in over 60 films and is a ‘Merited Artist’ in recognition of her work in North Korean cinema.

PAK Jang Phil’s mother 장 필 어머니


Pak Jang Phil’s mother is going to make sure her son remains the star of the circus whilst she goes and finds him a wife that will suit her requirements. A girl from the coal mine is most certainly not suitable for her darling son.

Played by AN Chang Sun 안 창 순
Age: (her secret)
AN Chang Sun is known for her comic roles in several films.

­­­­­­­­­­­Please note Korean names are written SURNAME first followed by given name.

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Kim Gwang Hun graduated from the Pyongyang University of Drama and Cinema. He follows in the footsteps of his father who directed various films including Jolly Stage, which stars the actress Han Kil Myong - who coincidentally plays Yong Mi’s Grandmother in Comrade Kim goes Flying.

Kim Gwang Hun joined the Korea April 25th Film Studio in 1985 as an assistant director and in 2002, he directed his first feature Unforgettable Man. He remained making military themed films until the opportunity arose to direct Comrade Kim goes Flying. The making of that film resulted in his first trip abroad to Beijing to edit the movie.



Anja Daelemans graduated from film school in Brussels as a radio and television director, but soon moved over to producing instead of directing. Her experience in film and television production is extremely impressive.

Currently, she is working as a drama consultant on a number of fiction television series. In 1996 she founded the production company Another Dimension of an Idea and began producing projects in 2001. The mission of Another Dimension of an Idea is to produce creative projects meeting high standards of quality and value. To date her company has won 61 awards through the international film festival circuit. But, the highlights of her career are the two Academy Award® nominations for the short films Fait d’Hiver and Tanghi Argentini. Most recently, her desire to direct films returned, and Comrade Kim goes Flying is her feature directorial debut.



Nicholas Bonner trained first as a Countryside Ranger, and then as a Landscape Architect. He never imagined he would spend 20 years of his life living in Beijing and visiting North Korea nearly every month.

After a study visit to Asia in 1993, he became so fascinated with North Korea that together with his colleague Joshua Green, they set up Koryo Group - a company specialising in cultural exchanges with North Korea. In 2001, Daniel Gordon approached him about a documentary on the 1966 North Korean World Cup football heroes who defeated the favoured Italy team by of a score of 1-0, but were never seen again. The players were ultimately found and the film entitled The Game of Their Lives was made in 2002 based on that incredible story. The film took the North Korean players back to the UK to visit the exact site of that historic victory. Two additional documentaries followed - A State of Mind (2004) and Crossing the Line (2006).



Ryom Mi Hwa’s father was one of North Korea’s most praised cinematographers and his daughter would occasionally accompany him on set. She became passionate about film and worked on documentary features and television film projects for the Korea Film Export & Import Corporation (KFEIC).

Ryom Mi Hwa has travelled several times to Europe to promote North Korean films and is responsible for inviting foreign films for the biennial Pyongyang International Film Festival. She has been production manager for numerous western documentary crews filming in North Korea. Comrade Kim goes Flying is her debut as a producer.

You can download the full crew list in English and Korean.